Core Technology
VPEC is the metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technology based company specializing in the production of - compound semiconductor wafers. What we called semiconductor a material with electrical conductivity due to electron flow (as opposed to ionic conductivity) intermediate in magnitude between that of a conductor and an insulator, it is characterized by adding different impurities can be appropriate to change the material properties (what we called doping), and get major changes by applications of heat and light. Because - compound semiconductor posses advantages of high frequency, low noise, natural radiation resistance, good energy efficiency, energy level and electronic movement with adjustable speed, the development of wireless communications, optical communication, solar cells and light show are the key components in the recent years.

In - compound semiconductors, the most widely used material in communications products is gallium arsenide (GaAs), therefore, high-frequency GaAs can meet the requirements of high-speed communication device characteristics. Because of the rapid development in the communications industry and also communication device that trend to be lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller, GaAs technology become more important. Our main products as epitaxial GaAs substrate to the microelectronic components; heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) wafer and pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (PHEMT) wafer.

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