InGaAs PD epi wafer
Due to the following characteristics of III-V compound semiconductors  
Good O/E Transfer Efficiency
Low Dark Current
High Electron Mobility
III-V Compound semiconductors are commonly used in photo detectors in long haul and short distance optical fiber communication (OFC) applications. Since the bandgap energy of InGaAs is in the range of long haul OFC applications, InGaAs PIN is popular as photo receivers and laser power monitor detectors. Also, since the low bandgap InGaAs material can absorb infrared wavelength, it is also a good choice in thermal image detectors or infrared cameras. Applications for these are as diverse as military cameras, cameras for extra-terrestrial exploration, material recycling sensors, fruit sorting sensors, etc.
Based on MOCVD epitaxial growth technology, VPEC has developed state of the art InGaAs PD and GaAs PIN epitaxial wafers. VPEC’s has demonstrated very low dark current, excellent uniformity of device performance, quality and reliability in production wafers. VPEC’s PD epitaxial wafers have been qualified by many of the top PIN diode manufacturers worldwide. VPEC maintains excellent mass production quality and consistency through its strict quality control system.
VPEC strives to constantly improve the quality of our products and continuously improve through innovation. VPEC has developed zn-diffusion ready InGaAs PD epitaxial wafers. In a step beyond its well developed InGaAs PIN epitaxial growth technology to produce epitaxial wafer, VPEC completes the entire PIN device front side process, including contact ring etching, SiNx deposition, SiNx diffusion window etching, and zn-diffusion in MOCVD reactor. Since MOCVD zn-diffusion can achieve excellent uniformity and precise diffusion depth control of zinc profile, customers can get better performance and uniformity for InGaAs PD diodes than with original closed tube zn-diffusion process. Most importantly, it is extremely cost effective, since customers can forgo large investments in process equipment and facility upgrades for the PD diode front side process. Furthermore, there is higher quality assurance on zn-diffusion ready InGaAs PD epitaxial wafers because PIN diodes have been finished on the wafer when customers receive it. VPEC have measured the PIN diode device performance and guarantees it when customers receive it. This is beneficial for customer’s IQC quality control.
Optical Fiber Communications
Laser Power Moniter Detectors
Thermal Image Detectors
Infrared Camaras
Material Recycling industry
Fruit Sorting Systems

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