Strengthen the R & D of advanced technologies. Create the new products
Make the best choice of the current and new product items after the complete market analysis with worldwide scope.
(1)Appropriate resources disposition, by effective experiences accumulation, cost control and R&D timing.
(2)Keep the motivation to improve the performance of MOCVD and other key -equipments to fit the new production innovation and mass production demand
(3)High potential of the advanced technologies and new products verification.
(4)The optimal product structure that keep away from any business risk.
Expand the mass-production scale and develop the superior low cost structure
2001 June, 16 MOCVD are implemented in the plant. At the end of 2004, the installation procedures of all the equipments should be finished. At this time, VPEC can use the specified equipment for the specified product and the specified customer. In this way, VPEC can do the best of both mass production and new product development simultaneously. All the equipments reach optimal status now that can satisfy the mass-production scale of variety products and new product creation.
Management computerize
Positively establishes the company restricted data computer, and plan to provide the information as its product progress and their product condition for our customer.
Innovation, Excellence, Sharing, Teamwork, Honest
The core management Philosophy is our management team and technical talented person, under the enterprise culture "share", the team member mutually studies, accelerates to grow, may speed up time the new product research and development.

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