Solar Cell epi wafer



High Efficiency Multijunction Concentrator Solar Cells
The III-V multijunction solar cells can achieve the highest efficiency, more than 41% to date.  Using the MOCVD technology to grow various direct bandgap and lattice matched materials on germanium substrate, the cell can absorb photons of ultraviolet, visible and infrared region and efficiently convert into electric power. This kind of III-V compound solar cell has been also demonstrated with high radiation resistant and reliability, it has been applied to space satellites and terrestrial high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) power plants.  
VPEC develops the high efficiency concentrator solar cell with our core technology of MOCVD epitaxy, and can provide customers in widespread applications.  

 The features of the product are

1. The efficiency of InGaP/GaAs/Ge triple junction concentrator solar cell can achieve over 37 % under 500 suns.
2. Provide 4 to 6 inch epiwafer with total thickness in the range of 180~ 250 µm.
3. Provide the epitaxial foundry service for customized requests. 

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