Low turn-on voltage HBT epi wafer
Recently, GaAs HBT has replaced Si devices to become the main stream technology for power amplifiers (PA) in handsets and wireless local area network (WLAN). Increased battery life for portable electronic devices is in urgent demand. GaAs HBTs reduce power consumption and increase power added efficiency as compared to Si in PAs. Furthermore, reducing GaAs HBT device turn-on voltage will reduce power consumption and increase power added efficiency in PA.
Based on MOCVD epitaxial growth core technology, VPEC has developed a next generation HBT epitaxial wafer, GaAsSb HBT epitaxial wafer. Compared to GaAs HBTs, GaAsSb HBT has 100mv lower turn-on voltage and results in over 3% power added efficiency (PAE) increase for 3G WCDMA applications. The device DC, RF performance, and reliability have been qualified by several of the top RF component manufacturers worldwide. VPEC has been in mass production for GaAsSb products since Y2005.
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